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machine building

Machines, production stations and lines, leak testers, manipulators, CNC/CAE and conventional tooling
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Industrial automation, control systems

Control systems, HMI/SCADA projects and programming, PLC programming, professional maintenance services, systems integration, industrial networks
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IT solutions,
software products

Vision systems, data acquisition, monioring and processing, ETYKIETA SYSTEM, NetWAGA apps
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additional services

We offer professional maintenance services with very short reaction times.
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Production and technological lines, assembly stations.

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We operate in the field of mechatronics, understood as a combination of mechanical engineering (machinery and assembly stations building), electrical, computer, automation and robotics. Machine building is carried with us from scratch – we design and build them, we create a complex control systems, we have many years of experience in the construction of automated leak testers for automotive and other industries.

Our complete assembly lines, machines and other solutions are always tailored to individual customers expectations and needs of their business.
If You are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email, and certainly we will contact You in order to jointly achieve a professional result.
We are working to make Your business more efficient and cheaper. During building production lines and machines we use our huge knowledge and experience.

We care for natural environment and work safety, which was valued by National Labour Inspectorate in 15th edition ”Employer – organiser of safe work” compe-tition. This competition is addressed to employers. Its objective is to promote best practices for improving work conditions and safety, as well as inspiring employers to un-dertake actions in order to eliminate the hazards present in their companies. Results of this competition was released on 30th september 2008. We won 1st place in „company up to 50 employees” category, regional level.

Let’s cooperate! We are confident that our lines, assembly stations, machinery and other solutions will address Your needs.

Mechatronics, robotic systems, innovations!
Mechatronics, robotic systems, innovations!

GripperIn the process of design and construction of our machines, we use the resources of knowledge and the latest achievements in a number of areas of automation, computer science, mechanical engineering and materials science, robotics, and many others. All these areas may be named Mechatronics . One example might be cores stacking station SDUR-01, where the width spacing gripper automatically adapts geometry to the size of the cores (current production referrence) on conveyor – based on the reading of the camera. Reading from the camera recognizes the production referrence number.
We design prototypes of robots, grippers, conveyor systems, machines with rotary tables. We propose innovative solutions such as multiple O-rings imposition at the same time.
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Machines for automotive industry
Machines for automotive industry

Rotor deburr stationThe automotive industry is an interesting area of ​​utilization of various types of machines such as automatic crimping or clamping stations, automatic, semi-automatic and manual assembly stations, testers, welders, riveters, deburring machines..
We specialize in building leak testers based on Edwards, FESTO or SMC pneumatics and ATEQ measuring devices (various types). Leak testers are used widely in the production of engine coolers, various reservoirs, enclosures exposed to external factors.
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We build machines and complete control systems
We build machines and complete control systems

Insert cutting stationWe design and implementcontrol systems in many areas of industry: chemical, cement, food processing, machine, pharmacy, electrotechnical, electronics, minig, etc. We’ve developed automated cement processing system with recipes module.
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Automates for electrotechnical industry
Automates for electrotechnical industry

Automatic pins milling machineWe have considerable experience in production automation in the electrical industry, where operations are often tedious for operator, and requiring high repeatability and precision.
For example we have built a milling machine. This machine is used for cutting the pins and bushings, used in the manufacture of electrical sockets and plugs. It is equipped with a rotary table with spindles, milling allows automatic loading and unloading of pins (bushings). Machine control in manual and automatic, done by using the control panel with touch screen operator panel and a set of controls.
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We deliver complete technology and production lines
We deliver complete technology and production lines

Full linesOur work in this area includes the design and construction of the whole lines from scratch, upgrading existing lines, single stations modifications, expansion, etc. Production and technology lines may contain stations such as testers, high pressure (hydraulic) clamping stations, lubrication automates, geometry testers, marking systems and traceability (RFID tags).
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Modern vision systems
Modern vision systems

Vision systemsWe work with industry leaders such as vision systems: Cognex®, SICK, GeoVision. The construction of our machines and devices using different aspects of vision systems such as shape or color recognition, recognition of alphanumeric characters, motion detection. We have extensive experience in the integration of such systems with control systems, PLCs, ranging from simple communication between the vision sensor (camera) – the driver.
We design and install systems supervisory television (CCTV) on the production lines. Our systems are based on GeoVision software, and work on the lines of soldering, where transport conveyour video monitoring is needed for possible blockages. Line team has a constant view from the cameras with archivisation option.
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Innovative software products, labelling systems
Innovative software products, labelling systems

Software productsWe współczesnym świecie, szczególnie świecie techniki, cięťko wyobrazić sobie jakiekolwiek działanie bez udziału komputera. Dlatego dysponujemy specjalistycznym działem informatycznym, aby implementować rozwiązania najwyťszych lotów specjalnie dla naszych klientów.
Moťemy poszczycić się rozwiązaniami dopracowanymi przez lata prób i praktycznych weryfikacji: ETYKIETA SYSTEM, ATEQMonitor, NetWAGA.

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ETYKIETA SYSTEM comprehensive example of w dziedzinie systemów etykietowania i zarządzania etykietowaniem. Zawiera takie rozwiązania jak Etykieta Manager czy Etykieta Designer, moťliwości obsługi róťnych typów drukarek i nośników, współpracy ze skanerami, trackerami itp,

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Innovative software products, IT technologies

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